Saturday, August 14, 2010

RIP Tejaswee

IHM's Blog  is one of my favorite blogs and it was shocking to read the update that she lost her daughter to dengue fever. Needless to day, it is a big loss and may her soul Rest in Peace. 

Moments like these also make you realize as to how short and unpredictable life is - and why its important to live life to the fullest everyday. As Tennyson once said, drink Life to the lees!  

Moments like these also make me realize of  how silly and foolish I have been with my share of crankiness and irritability. 

IHM - You are the most inspiring person I have come across in the blogosphere - This post of yours shows the amazing strength that you have.  

For now I leave you with my fav posts on Tejaswee's blog - This  and This 

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