Sunday, August 30, 2009


I know I have been really irregular with my blog and the reason being pure laziness which is often masked as being busy and overworked. I finally decided to log in and blog after two of my fav people stumbled upon my blog and told me that it was a nice read. Also, I discovered that I have one follower (Ardra) . Yayy!!

This post is for the two of you - A and Y for inspiring me again. I have decided to write about 5 memories that I have with you guys !


1. There is nothing like plain hunger which bonds people together and both of us are classic examples of that. None of us knew cooking and we had enough of the food outside (we couldn't afford eating out every day). From the first gas stove & cooker to a saga of burnt as well as half cooked food - we have been there and done that. In spite of all that, we manged to make one of the most delicious aloo curry that I have every eaten!

2. Both of us also went through the most exciting experience with the 'stalker' & yet put on a brave face when the neighbors came. The hilarious part was the owner's son trying to become the superhero of the whole scene.

3. This is not a shared memory - but something I thoroughly enjoyed - Your awesome attempts at hindi and attempts to make a meaningful conversations with the landlady !

4. The train journey to blore & the bus journey back to Hyd. I loved every bit of it, right from MMTS to Secundrabad station to blore to blore bus stand.

5. This one is close to my heart - I am not sure whether you remember it! The two days that I was down with terrible fever - you were there to take care of me - taking me to the doctor & making sure that I ate something, talking to my mom and telling her that things are fine.


1. Again, there is nothing like hunger with unites and both me and A would definitely agree that after you came - we came to know after ages what good food means! There is magic in the way you cook and I have always wondered how everything always tastes good. Thanks for feeding us!

2. The numerous shopping escapades that we have had - each time spending more than we actually planned to ! My fav one is the one to Pantaloons - when you bought the lovely blue sweater :).

3. After hunger it is the shared quote of pain and trauma we went through during the dentist episode - even though it was your teeth which was being operated upon, I passed out due to some weird reason. I remember how you bravely bore all the pain and brought me home !

4. I am sure you would be a terrific home maker - I was stunned with the way you decorated the house and how you transformed it from a complete mess to something so close to perfect !

5. The midnight birthday celebrations which you organized for your friends and invited me - I was always marveled by the way you came up with creative ideas - including decorations and making that perfect handmade card!

The numerous gossip sessions, the chai time talk and the aimless walks have been fun. So here is one for the good times!