Sunday, January 26, 2014

How I spent my New Year’s Eve - 31 Dec 2013

While the whole world was partying hard, getting drunk, having fun or generally busy in bringing in 2014, I was in the surgical ICU of a hospital, post an emergency caesarean section. Our little boy (who will be called Peanut on the blog) was born at 2:23 pm and he was also in the NICU for observation because he arrived in style (gate crashing our non-existent New Year’s Eve plans) about a month earlier than expected. His birth and my pregnancy stories deserve separate posts which I hope to document soon.

As it was the New Year’s Eve, the surgical ICU was almost empty, baring me, another girl who also underwent a c-sec and the nurses. It felt very strange to bring in the New Year with a bunch of complete strangers, confined to the bed as I could not move an inch without feeling immense pain. Many women define the happiest moment of their lives as the ones where they delivered their kids. How did I feel? It was a mixed bag of emotions. I was definitely super-excited but I was worried about Peanut being in the NICU, apprehensive about the pain that I would have to go through post surgery and anxious about the next few days. I made the nurses call the NICU time and again to check status, and they kept telling me there is nothing to worry. 

Come New Year’s 2014, and finally I was sent to the room and pretty soon, Peanut was also released from the NICU. Have things been super smooth post that – oh, definitely not, with all the feeding challenges, recovery from surgery, sleepless nights, nappy changes, Peanut being on antibiotics and so on. But yes of course, it has been the most adventurous and exciting event in our lives so far.