Sunday, December 28, 2014

Out of sight - Snippets for a lil boy!

Dear V,
Now that your Ammamma is here, I have been leaving you with her everyday for a while - 2-3 hours. Today, I left in the morning for some work in the bank and came a while later to see you cozily sleeping, snuggled against her. Mom says you were good - happily playing with her, enjoying your bath and even sleeping without nursing. (No! I am not leaving you and getting back to work anytime soon)While I am happy that you could manage so well without me, it also made me realize that letting go is easy for children. It is us parents that struggle with it.

Love Amma,

P.S - When you see people throwing trash anywhere, go and pick it up, and put it in the bin in front of them. I have realized that it might be one of the ways they learn.

Friday, December 26, 2014

The curious face - Snippet of the day


You had your curious face on the entire time we were in the mall - it was quite an effort to restrain your little hands from pulling stuff off the aisle. You also had your first auto ride today.

I do not mean to be preachy here, but then there are small pieces of advice that I feel I should share. Of course, you can choose to take it or leave it - but I will put in effort to instill them in you.

Say your 'Thank Yous' - not just to the people who help you, but even to people who are doing their job - like the courier guys, the housekeeping staff, the auto driver, the security bhaiyyas.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

A year old - Snippet of the day

Realized that I do not do great with blogging after repeated failures. Here I am again with a snippet series. Hope I do better.

Dear V,
You just had your first pirannal (the star birthday, mallu birthday or as we call it - the payasam wala birthday). We have gone through a lot together this year, glued to each other. Now, when you are almost a year old, I understand that you will slowly drift away - when you take your first steps, when you discover a new toy/object, when you jump away from my lap! Letting go is hard, but that is how it is, though I will always lurk around and watch you.