Sunday, May 31, 2009

There is always a first time...

The first day at work - being a mixed bag of excitement and nervousness. Realizing at the end of day as it being the best decision ever.

The first day in Hyderabad - still unsure of my admission in the university, joy at getting it & getting introduced to a friend who became my family for the rest of the 2 years.

The first time I saw I my lil baby brother - (I was about 5 then) and everyone discussing how he has my mom's nose :).

The first time I read Harry Potter - and secretly awaiting my letter from Hogwarts, wanting to be like Hermoine & hoping to meet Hagrid some day.

The first time I wore a saree for Teacher's Day when I was in 12th and teaching the chapter of Tom Sawyer's famous white washing story to a bunch of uncontrollable 7th standard kids.

The first time I got a mobile phone - as a gift from my parents for being a graduate. It was Nokia 1100 and I was super proud of it.

The first diamond ring :) - more than that - the love that came along!

The first mini-accident on my scooty, my declaration about not riding any more and my Dad immediately forcing me to ride and not to give up immediately.

The first of the many cooking disasters involving soggy rice - some sort of cabbage fry and some sort of dal - and Asha chechi still smiling and saying - oh we can eat all that!

The first time when I heard the phrase "There is always a first time". I was asked to iron some clothes at my ancestral house in Kerala by my uncle when I was in 7th or 8th. Being my lazy self and having no clue about ironing - I retaliated "I have never ironed clothes". Pat came the response from my cousin - "There is always a first time". Well - It has stuck on to me till this day.