Monday, October 17, 2011

10 day challenge - Bring it on!

Exactly the kind of thing that one needs to get back to blogging. I saw this challenge at Athira's blog and decided to take it up. Though I have done the Quirk Tag before, here I start off again with ten secrets of mine.
1. When I feel extremley angry, my eyes fill up with tears giving out the impression to the others that my anger is melting away. Well, actually the anger still lingers! 

2. Like most people, I feel very jittery and restless without the internet.

3. Talking about the internet, I am obsessed about having a clean inbox. I do not like any pending notifications or unread email in my inbox, so I check them as soon as I see them, even if they are spam.

4. A year back, I went through the biggest footwear obsession in my life where i bought around 8 pairs within 2 weeks. I have not shopped for footwear ever since.

5. I am really scared of chicken pox, to a level that I willingly go and get preventive injections every year. I hope I can evade it forever *touchwood*.

6. Dairy Milk Fruits and Nuts continue to be my favorite chocolate and I think all the Godivas and Ghirardellis come nowhere close to it.

7. Even though I have phases where I got out and shop like crazy, I can be extremely determined about not spending a penny when I don't want to.

8. I am the queen of clumsiness. Spilling water, dropping the spoon and knife, slipping off, breaking the heel of the shoe - all this comes to me naturally.

9. I get very attached to inanimate things like my comb, my books, kitchen equipment and so on. I think of them as living beings and even talk to them at times.

10. I studied some mathematics questions by-heart for me 10th board exams because I was very terrified of flunking. I scored 85 in the end, and I am super proud of it.