Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What you have taught me - Snippets for a lil Boy!

Little V,

Many people describe motherhood as the most beautiful experience on earth. For some, it is an experience of learning, of developing patience, of being selfless, of caring. Some say, children teach us how to laugh, how to share, how to relive our childhood etc. I agree with all these, but for me, the most important thing that being a mommy has taught is to be less judgmental.

A mom gets judged for almost everything - child is overweight/underweight/normal. Child is achieving milestones ahead of time/behind time/on time. Child is very social/shy. Child is talking/not-talking. You get the general picture. Only when one is in it, you realize how easy it is to be judgmental and how tough it is to actually practice what you preach.

There is no right way of being mommy, there is no wrong way either. Formula milk or breast milk? - whatever works for the bub. C-sec or NVD? - Anything depending on the situation. Cerelac or home cooked food - whatever the bub eats. Day Care or Nannies Or SAHM? Anything that works out better.

Thank you lil one for making me a better person than before!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Eyes Light Up - Snippets of the day!

Dear V,

I love it how your eyes light up - be it when your Acha comes home, when our househelp rings the bell, when you spot your familiar toy under the table, when you spot me when we play hide-n-seek. This growing up process may try to take away this lighting up of eyes. I hope you never ever lose it.


P.S - Always work really hard towards something that you want. Visualize it happening. Think through and you will get it.

Mommy Brains - Snippets for a lil boy!

Munchkin V,

I read 'vacation' as 'vaccination' and 'portfolio' as 'pulse polio'. That is how my mommy brain has been programmed - to hunt and read any information which can be useful. Sometimes, I overdo it, but can't help it.


P.S - A No is always a 'no'  be it from a man or a woman. A 'yes' is not a 'yes' unless said explicitly. Keep this in mind.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Mommy Guilt - Snippet of the day!

Darling V,

You would have realized by now that I am actually a lazy person and if there is one person who can make me do things it is you. I am trying hard, but then I end up most days thinking that I would do better tomorrow. Did I play with you enough? Did I talk to you and tell you stories? Why did I check Whatsapp in between, because of which I could have prevented that fall? Am I doing the best? I keep asking these things to myself.

I understand it is the mommy guilt and it will happen even if I am a superwoman. Just wanted to let you know that I am trying and I will keep trying.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Stepping into the New Year!

This is going to be a slightly longer post, because I missed posting for past 3-4 days.

Dear V,

You turned 1 and I just cannot believe it. Yesterday I went through the videos and photographs, and saw you transform from a wee lil one to a toddler, who has a very strong mind of his own. I do not want this to be a sort of document of your milestones, because I feel they are over-rated and fussed about too much. It is okay if you are a little early or late with them.  

You will find out in a couple of years that we are not big on birthdays - mostly its a normal day for us. So, you did not have a big bash on your first birthday. We just had a small cake and snack do, with just a few folks. Turns out that you are like us - you enjoyed and readily jumped to everyone, making me wonder where the boy with a terrible stranger anxiety vanished.

You like savory stuff and do not have a sweet tooth (well, the two lil ones that have popped are not). The fussiness with eating continues and it looks like a battle which we will take on in the coming years too. I love it how you have wrapped your dad around your fingers. Thank you for showing me a side of my husband which I never knew existed.

Words of wisdom - these are things that I learned the hard way!

1. Whenever you get some money, try to save a little portion of it - do not spend it all.

2. Do not hesitate to say sorry if you are wrong. At times, even when you are right just so that you do not hurt someone/or if it helps in mending relationships.

3. Never comment on someone's appearance unless it is giving them a compliment. 

Loads of love,

P.S - Promise that the next post won't be this long.