Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where I have been?

Its been a while since I posted something. Excuses, I can give you many - from being busy setting up a new house to adjusting to a new city. The truth is that I have more time than I ever had in the world. So, why I have not been blogging? Well... my procrastinating self coupled with doubts about my future plans has kept me away from this blog.

I love this break in my life - it gives me ample time to relax, something which I have not done enough for over 4 years now. On the other-side, it is slightly never racking that I do not have a job and I am still thinking on what I should do next. I am forcing myself to not think too much and jump into something that I would not enjoy after a while (Yes, I do get bored of things pretty fast). A lot of random people are suddenly very concerned as to how I am managing to sit at home without a job. Well, as long as they are not spending any money on me, I should not be concerned.

Yups, so let me get my act together and enjoy this break. I keep telling my self that it is a well-deserved one and that I should not get bogged down. Hope that my mind listens to what I am saying and I do away with those panic attacks. I love this break and this chance to think. Period.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Total Randomness

The past week has passed of in a blur as it has been way too hectic for me. Saying goodbye to a city and work place is hard enough, coupled with it was the pathetic bureaucracy that came along with it. Right from filling up the forms to withdraw the PF to getting an NOC for the car, we tried our best to be straightforward but ended up bribing the people involved (totally out of compulsion and against our wishes).

Leaving the largest dot com in the world was a tough call. I encountered raised eyebrows when I announced the decision to quit. There were weird rumors which said that I was joining its key rival, the big social networking giant. People who knew that I was married asked me if I was leaving because I was pregnant. People who did not know me asked me if I was getting married.  The decision to leave was made. Working there did wonders to me - I did learn so much, I got three promotions in 3 years - each resulting in a bump in my salary, I met wonderful people  - all brilliant and passionate, I I traveled abroad on work, I started saving!.  I thought that I would be crying bucket loads on my last day - but there I was, surprised at myself, giggling away with the girl gang as I said bye to each of them with a smile on my face. Perhaps the anticipation had prepared me well to be strong.

There was one phase that enjoyed thoroughly during the bye-byes. People who are not close to me at work do not know that I am married. I also do not sport any visible symbols of marriage. Therefore, when I tell them that I am moving along with my husband - there is look of shock and surprise which I get to see. Then, I tell them that I have been married for around 3 years now, that scandalizes them - one even asked me, "Bachpan mai hi shaadi ho gayi thi kya". Well, now you know why the post is called 'Total Randomness'.

There is one job that I desperately want to do but I have no idea on how to do it. I want to refine the format of all the Govt. forms to make it user-friendly. I went through hell while filling up the PF and pension forms. There were 3 lines to write your name but one tiny column to write your entire address. The column said account number - there was no clarity on whether they want your PF number or your bank account number. Also, something that annoyed me most was the column which said write husband's name in case of married women. If you are male or unmarried, you can write your father's name. Its not that I am not proud of being married. I love being married. Its just that it should be okay for the men to write their wife's name too. Also, the column needs to be parent's name and not father's name.  Its high time these things change.

There are more random thought around - I guess I'll keep them for the next post.