Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Quirk Tag!

I read a lot of blogs to kill any form of boredom roaming around me and I saw a very funny tag that most people do. It is the quirks tag - where you have to write 8 weird or arbitrary quirks about yourself. Here is mine

1. I have to wash my feet right before I go to sleep. That is, my feet needs to be wet when I drift away to the realms of sleep Goddess. Even if my feet are fresh from a pedicure, I still need to wash them before I get to bed. Otherwise I feel very itchy. This is true even if I am traveling in a train.

2. I have an obsession with some things. Like my comb - I feel that losing it would result in something terrible. If I misplace any of these things, I panic and I fret over it. I have no shame in turning the house topsy turvy for the said comb. 

3. This feels funny to write down. Sometimes, I discover something new and after that I hear about that thing so often that I wonder why did not I come across this in the past 27 years every? Like, a week back, during a discussion my mum and cousin told me that if you want to get into a habit, you should do it for 21 days and it becomes a routine. After that, I have read/heard of it three times more

4. On a related note, I often wonder about some things and I see them happening very soon. Like, I was thinking about this random girl who is an acquaintance and wondered why I have never seen her in a salwar kameez. I open facebook the next day and I see pics of her in a salwar kameez. (This only works with very random things and for random people. Sigh!!)

5. I have an amazing knack of picking up random facts and retaining them for a long time. For example, I am very good at remembering names of anyone slightly interesting whom I have met once. I not only remember their names, I even know where they work, where they stay, what they like etc. This works for me only if the details are very random, unimportant and have no significance in my life. Give me an address to remember or a math formula - I will not be able to recall it after five minutes.

6. When I type, I often end up typing the letter that comes after a letter first. So, often, I see myself typing things like - theri instead of their, aftre instead of after. I must remember to thank God for giving the brains to people to invent something like spellcheck.

7. Any form of perfume gives me a headache. I use the mildest of deodorants and I have never bought a perfume until now (If you can ignore that body mist from Victoria's Secret which I bought because the bottle was so beautiful ). If I am in a mall, I run away from perfume stores and I wonder why people spend so much on perfumes.

8. I love earrings, so much that I feel that a pair are not enough for me. So, I wanted to get additional piercings done. I have zero tolerance for pain, so I have not dared to get them done. The thought that I want to get them done causes a cringing sensation in me. I have realized that my love for earrings is not stronger than my fear of pain. I should be happy with what I have.

I am done. Over and Out.