Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Return!

As expected, I was MIA for a while. There is no point in writing as to why - the point is I am back and it feels nice. Its a brand new year and I hope I am inspired to write more often.

The first 9 days of the year have been good. Professionally, work is just catching up - which leaves me with some free time. Personally and at home - the aim is to cook regularly and have healthy food with less of junk. (Note - I said less and not a no).

Began the year with 3 idiots, which was refreshing - minus the controversy that later followed up. Have been trying to get tickets for Avtar 3D without success.

Looking forward to a good year ahead!

P.S - I have been really pissed of by the colour status message on FB. I cannot seriously figure out how this can help in raising Breast Cancer awareness. There ought to be a more dignified way out right!