Monday, July 12, 2010

RACS and YT!

The typical chat with long lost acquaintances (of either gender) who simply do not get the message ever that I am not interested in long drawn chats. A simple hello and keep-in-touch works well for me - but nothing more than that. Here are some snippets of the conversation (obviously exaggerated !)

Really Annoying Creepy Acquaintance (RACS) : Hey - Are you online?
Yours Truly (YT) : Hello. (Dude, I wish I were offline).
RACS: Nice Display Pic - You have become cuter than when you were at school.
YT: Thank You !
RACS: Where are you now?
YT: I am at Hyderabad.
RACS: I heard that you got married. So who is the lucky one?
YT: Err.. Hmm - the lucky one is my Husband
RACS: Ha ha ha - nice joke. I mean what is he doing?
YT: He has just stepped out to buy some veggies for dinner.
RACS:  Ha ha ha. But I am very angry with you. You never invited me for the wedding.
YT: OMG! You did not receive my invitation. I had emailed it to you. Must have gone to the spam folder then. (Ya.. Right)
RACS: That is fine - so was it a love marriage or arranged marriage
YT: Arranged Love Marriage
RACS: WooooooooooW!
YT:  :). (what is so wow about it?)
RACS: So What do you do currently?
YT: I work for abcdef!
RACS: Oh - How did you end up there?
YT (who was considered a total loser for her choice of subject for graduation - read not engineering or medicine) : Well, it worked out for me.
RACS: I am so so so happy for you!  You have made us proud (Seriously???)
YT: (Wishing despeately for a power/internet blackout)
RACS: What else?
YT: Nothing much.
RACS: So you have been married for like 2 years now right !
YT: Ya.. (clearly understanding where it is leading to).
RACS: - So - any Good News?
YT: Ya... The good news is I learnt how to cook, I went on a nice holiday and things are going good here!
RACS: C'mon, apart from that
YT(slaps forehead): Hey listen, I have to rush for a meeting now! I will catch up later.
RACS: Sure, I will wait for your ping!!

Uniquely Singapore

Snapshots from what was a first holiday for us in 2 years of married life. Loved the place and the lifestyle - fast and organized (when I look at from the 'chalta hai' Hyderabadi perspective). The place is awesomely touristy - information is available everywhere and anywhere. We had a very unique objective when we planned this vacation - we would travel only by the train or bus. No cabs or taxis!. The bus routes and the train schedule was so easy to understand that we did not find it difficult to acheieve it. 

My top a-ha moments (not in any particular order) in Singapore which made the time off worthwhile - 
1. Luge and Sky ride at Sentosa - for someone who has fear of speed and fear of heights, this is BIG! 
2. Getting down at the wrong station on our first train ride - almost breaking our objective of not taking a cab and finding the correct way very soon.
3. Kopitiam - trying out different kinds of cuisine everyday - Japanese food, you are not for me! 
4. Walk across Clarke Quay at night - beautiful lights all across. 
5. Discovering that chewing gum was banned in Singapore!! 
6. The 'you-may-now-cross-the-road' signal. I found it super cool.