Monday, January 24, 2011

Thoughts and More Thoughts

These things have been going on my mind for the past few days.

1. The fact that you are not working changes a lot of things. Not for you, but for the others around you.  I am constantly under the scanner for not working. Just because I do not go everyday and does not mean that I am idling away at home. Even if I am, what is wrong in it? I do work from home, but that does not matter I guess.

2. Aisles of fairness creams in the supermarket show that Indian obsession with fair skin has not reduced a bit. It is time that people understand that fair skin does not mean that one is 'beautiful'. Equating fair skin with success is even more ridiculous.

3. Shopping is amazing - Not shopping is sometimes wonderful too. I was a total sucker for retail therapy at one time. Feel depressed - Go and shop! With packing and unpacking, I realized that I have way to many clothes and shoes than I ever would need. It is a strange thrill to walk around shops and look around

4. Cooking for oneself is not a crime. I learnt to look at my food objectively and enjoy what I have cooked. There was a time when I would lose my appetite after cooking.

5. Some people never change, they remain as irritating as ever. Like this school mate of mine, whom I hardly ever spoke to in school except a hi or bye and who has the courage to ask my why I do not have children. Two easy steps to deal with such people - Right click and block on chat.

6. In continuation with point 5, some people actually never change and continue to be as adorable as ever. Like my school friend and college friend N whom I meet just once in two years, but her warmth, love and affection continues to be the same.

7. Daal tastes better with a dash of lemon juice. Seriously.

8. Being a quintessential mallu, I can enjoy the food more when I eat with my hand. Yes, the spoon and fork don't give that amazing feeling to me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The New Year!

I know it is pretty late and its 13 days already into 2011. In my defense, I was not in town and was not in a general mood to blog. 2010 was amazing to me and 2011, you better be nice to me.

Trip to Singapore, Promotion at work, Work trip to the US, the first major relocation for us, paking and unpaking, an amazing road trip, resigning from my job, saying some very hard good byes, promises to keep in touch, realizing how fake some people can get, watching a very dear friend tie the knot, making my opinion heard and understood, experiments with cooking, serial watching, fights and make-ups, becoming more of a dreamer, loosing all the self-confidence and struggle in regaining it back, end of the year family reunion, making blogger friends, strengthened some friendships and moved away from some, attempts to convert superficial relationships to meaningful ones! One action packed year. Well, now I understand when they say about counting your blessings.

S has been good too this year. He got his dream job, something which he wanted to do for ages. I hope he remains happy there and enjoys work as much as he wants to. He enjoyed the Singapore trip, considering the fact that he is not a keen traveler and he did the trip only for me.

Plans for 2011 - nothing big. Try to remain happy and positive, try not to take too much stress over money, may be think about a baby, learn some decent cooking, blog more and read more.

Until Later folks.