Monday, October 17, 2011

10 day challenge - Bring it on!

Exactly the kind of thing that one needs to get back to blogging. I saw this challenge at Athira's blog and decided to take it up. Though I have done the Quirk Tag before, here I start off again with ten secrets of mine.
1. When I feel extremley angry, my eyes fill up with tears giving out the impression to the others that my anger is melting away. Well, actually the anger still lingers! 

2. Like most people, I feel very jittery and restless without the internet.

3. Talking about the internet, I am obsessed about having a clean inbox. I do not like any pending notifications or unread email in my inbox, so I check them as soon as I see them, even if they are spam.

4. A year back, I went through the biggest footwear obsession in my life where i bought around 8 pairs within 2 weeks. I have not shopped for footwear ever since.

5. I am really scared of chicken pox, to a level that I willingly go and get preventive injections every year. I hope I can evade it forever *touchwood*.

6. Dairy Milk Fruits and Nuts continue to be my favorite chocolate and I think all the Godivas and Ghirardellis come nowhere close to it.

7. Even though I have phases where I got out and shop like crazy, I can be extremely determined about not spending a penny when I don't want to.

8. I am the queen of clumsiness. Spilling water, dropping the spoon and knife, slipping off, breaking the heel of the shoe - all this comes to me naturally.

9. I get very attached to inanimate things like my comb, my books, kitchen equipment and so on. I think of them as living beings and even talk to them at times.

10. I studied some mathematics questions by-heart for me 10th board exams because I was very terrified of flunking. I scored 85 in the end, and I am super proud of it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Of Parents and Kids!

The usually boring and quite Sunday began was disturbed by the wails of 'Mamma, Mamma' from somewhere in the building. I am a nice neighbour, I never crib about kids crying or making noise. So, I chose to ignore it thinking it must be some kiddy tantrum. After 15 minutes, I continued to hear the cries so I thought I would just check and see. Opened the door and I saw a little girl, about 2 years old, wailing her heart out. She was all alone. I went near her, but the moment she saw me coming, she moved further and kept on crying. Now, I definitely know that she does not live on the same floor as I do. Neither have I seen her play with the building kids. So, I rang the bell of the neighbor who has a 3 year old in the hope that they may recogonize her. No one answered.

This little one, meanwhile, sneaked into the lift and started crying again. I ran to the lift and stood in between the lift doors to block it. Meanwhile, S also came out. Together, we both tried to pacify her and ask her where her Mama is. Any attempt to go near her resulted in more crying. She was also hitting her own face, may be because she was really scared. We moved into the lift and decided to go to the ground floor to call the security. They came in, but they had never seen this girl before. Glances of panic exchanged between S and me. Then, we called the occupants of a ground floor flat to help us identify the girl. They too had no clue. The lady of the house, who is a mom decided to help me out to get the kid out of the lift. She offered her a chocolate, asked her son to get into the lift to get her out, tried singing. The kid wont budge. Finally she barged in and picked up the kid, ignoring all the kicks and cries.

No one knew who this kid was and we all were panicking by the moment. I thought for a moment about her parents, wondering if they would be running around searching for her. A good 20 minutes passed and many residents gathered. Finally, someone decided to check in the play area and ask the kids there. When we reached, a four year old came running and said, 'yeh hamari hai'. This little girl was a guest at his house and had come down to play with him. He saw his regular group of friends and forgot all about her. We went to their house to drop the girl and saw that the parents were not aware, they all were eating happily and enjoying. When we told them what had happened, the started scolding this 4 year old saying you were not careful. That is when many of us lost it, we said he is too young to take care of another kid. What remains a mystery is how she managed to reach the 2nd floor from the ground floor.

Is it okay for parents to leave little kids unsupervised during play hours? So many people move in and out of the apartment complex apart from the residents. There is a swimming pool in the apartment complex which remains deserted because of the chilly Bangalore weather. The fact that she is a guest and not a regular resident also makes it tough for the girl to trace back her way to the house. Needless to say, we all were shuddering at the possibility of what could have happened. Leaving a 2 year old to be supervised by a 4 year old is never a good idea. Wonder what the parents were thinking. I was too tempted to give them a piece of a my mind, but resisted because of their worried expressions.

Meanwhile, the little girl was too happy to be with her mama and comfortably slept on her shoulders.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Morning Clatter

Since I found out that randomness is what I am best at, I would stick to it. Just for the sake that something goes up on this blog. Some bits and pieces of what I have been noticing all around me.

1. People who travel abroad suddenly become extremely active on Facebook and Twitter, which at least 3-4 posts daily.I am talking about people who hardly post anything regularly otherwise. Some directly put up statuses like - Reached San Francisco or Landed in Amsterdam. Others try to add an element of subtlety by saying things like - Never imagined that I would  have to pay $25 for a haircut. Some others suddenly start missing the pot holes and cattle in India. (Don't get me wrong, I am not being judgmental. As I said, this is just an observation).

2. If you follow any show that is aired first in America and then gets aired in India, you should stay away from any sort of social networking until it gets telecasted. If you happen to open Facebook or Twitter, you would invariably find comments and discussions that will spoil the fun of the much awaited finale of American Idol  . Folks, have some consideration for people living on the other side of the globe.

3. My hunt for full fat milk in the super market was met with wired reaction. One guy got me no-fat milk and other one looked at me as if I asked for his bank balance. Well, how will I make paneer if its so difficult to find full fat milk?

4. People don't talk to each other on train journeys anymore. Everyone is hooked to their iPhone, BB, iPod or laptop.

5. A clean house solves half the problems in life. Seriously. Try it if you don't believe it. Okay, I was exaggerating, but it at least makes you happy, relaxed and calm.

Until next time!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello - Do you want a loan?

Aah yes, all of us do go through the marketing calls that we get routinely from the banks, clubs, phone services and so on. I have heard my colleagues and friends yell at them. I try to be calm and let the poor guys do their job, disconnecting their calls with a polite thank you. Though I have had my moments and while some leave me fuming, some just crack me up.

1. Me: Hello
    Q: Am I speaking to Mr. Poornima
    Me: Ahem, do I sound like 'Mr' Poornima
   Q: Oh, sorry Ms. Poornima,
   ... long conversation regarding my request for bank statements..., put on hold for 5 minutes.
   Q: Thank you for being on hold Mr. Poornima
   Me: Arghhhhh

2. Me : Hello
    Q: We offer you pre-appoved personal loan. Are you intersted?
    Me: I am not interested.
   Q: Why are you not interested madam?
   Me (with lot of self-control) - I don't want any money now.
   Q: Money will come useful madam.
   Me: Stumped. Disconnected.

3. Me: Hello
    Q:  I am calling on behalf of XYZ bank Chennai. Am I speaking to Ms. Poornima?
    Me Yes.
    Q: Madam, do you hold a XYZ bank account?
    Me: You are from XYZ bank, you should know if I hold an account. 
    Q: Madam, I will call you back tomorrow.

4. Me: Hello
    Q: Madam, we are calling form ABC skin clinic. We are offering free treatment for black circles.
    Me (gasping, looking around for some spy cameras) : Ah, How do you know I have black circles.
    Q: We don't know madam, but we guessed.
    Me: Ha ha - I don't have any dark circles.
    Q: Madam, we offer blackhead treatment for 75% discount.
    Me: Where the hell are you hiding and watching me?

5. Me: Hello
    Q: Hello Madam, do you want a health insurance policy?
    Me: No, I am not interested.
    Q: But madam, why?
    Me: I don't have any money to invest.
    Q: Madam, we have some good personal loan offers. You can try those.
    Me : Aah you smartypants!

Have you been through some interesting ones? Tell me more.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai!

This one is for posterity, for me to read it at some point in future when I would be sitting and swearing at the Indian Cricket team for not doing well,  like I have done in so many previous occasions.
No, I have never grown my finger nails, but on April 2nd, 2011, I wish I had as I had started gnawing the flesh of my fingertips. I even contemplated reaching out and chewing my toenails.

Remember how we all resort to absurd thing to make the team win. Some people do not move from where they sit. One of my friend thought his mom is unlucky each time she enters to room and calls out to him when India is batting, so he banned her from entering the living room. Every time Reema baked a cake during the tournament, India won. On the day of finals, she was not well and was in two minds about baking. After the tough phases, she got up and baked three cakes. The not so brilliant cook in me also attempted to put something in the oven in a desperate attempt.

Remember how I stood near the bathroom because I could hear the neighbors cheering 3 seconds ahead because our DTH service had a lag.

Remember how much I laughed at Sreesanth jokes on twitter in a crazy attempt to lighten the tension. As someone said, har galti maaf. That does not mean by any chance I approve of the crazy hairdo.

Remember how I woke up early morning to switch on the news, watch the highlights over and over again and made a promise that I would not swear at them anytime. Time to keep the promise.

Thank you for getting the Cup home. I will not ask for more.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Of Family Reunions and the ensuing Conversations

After some thought, I decided to bring some color through the blogger template. I do find it too strong a color at times, but let it remain for sometime. 

Getting back to the thing that I wanted to blog about,  a recent family event at my house saw me meeting the relatives whom I don't have too many memories of interacting. The 'hi's, the 'hellos', the 'smiles', the 'chitchats' all proceeded smoothly. Well yes, how can any meeting with the extended family go on for a long time without the quintessential question? Since I am known to express my angst over any unwanted questions in a very obvious manner, the question that came to me was - How long have I been married for? The answer was taken with a smile and a well directed stare. The next look was at my unmarried cousin and even though there were no questions, the stare was loaded with meaning.

I was pleasantly surprised because until now most people ask me about the 'good news' directly. Well, I did not have to be surprised for long because I soon saw these ladies heading to my mom. Now, having a daughter  like me, she has learned to tackle these questions without a flinch. The questions were terrible it seems, some one asked whether I have been taken to a doctor. Someone commented that may be she has already discovered the 'problem' and is not telling you because you may upset. Later, someone came to me and said if you 'reject' when God gives you, later he may not give at all.

No, don't get me wrong. I have absolutely nothing against babies. In fact, I totally adore and drool over them. The blogs I read are mostly about mamma's sharing their adventures with their kiddos. Babies are the most adorable little things ever. It is just that I have no idea why there is unnecessary curiosity. It is not just for me, but its for every girl who is of marriageable age who is unmarried and every married girl who is not yet pregnant. Over the course of three and a half years, I have learnt to effectively tackle any such questions. The assumption that there is a 'problem' if you do not have a child after a couple of years of marriage is really uncalled for.

The thing that upsets me the most is that there would be couples who are battling the problems of infertility. Already, they must be going through a challenging time with those medical tests and treatments. After that, if you encounter such questions, it must be affecting their mind. The general answer to such situations is that ignore it. Yes, you can ignore it to some extend but when you hear the same thing more than once, it is not easy to cut it out. I have not yet thought of a smart answer and I just smile it off, just because I do not want to create a scene and these people are not even important to me that deserve an answer.

Are there any polite ways of saying, "Mind your own business" ?

Until later!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Morning Encounter!

The old newspapers have been piling up and it was the time to sell them off. Selling old newspapers have pleasant memories for me. When we were kids, we would eagerly await the day that Dad sells newspapers to the local kabadiwala. The money that he gets by selling those old papers is divided among my brother and me and that was one major source of pocket money those days. The amount would never be greater that Rs 50 for each of us, yet it was a much awaited event. Anyway, I digress.

The bell rang and I opened it to see a young guy dress in a pair of jeans and t-shirt holding a touch screen Samsung Corby. He wished me good morning and he said he has come to collect the old newspaper. He said all that in impeccable English. This was new to my preconditioned mind. We started taking the newspapers out and in between he asked us if we have checked the papers properly to make sure that there were no important papers inside. He sorted them to double check and did his job swiftly. Weighed them properly, used the calculator on his phone and calculated the money. We were sort of surprised because generally both S and I have fought while we sell the newspaper as they invariably weigh it less.

Finally, I succumbed to it. Though I am not very proud of it, I could not resist asking him about how he knows good English. He smiled and replies saying that he is just learning it, because most of his customers do not know Kannada and he does not want to lose good clients because of not knowing a language. He said soon he will learn Hindi too. He said he watches TV to learn sentences and its not difficult to learn. He added that business is very good for him and its going in a profitable way but the competition is high. Wow, impressed I was by knowing that he understands some business tactics.

After he left, I could not help thinking about why was I so amused about he speaking English. Well, I know for a fact that knowing good English does not make you an achiever or bring automatic success to you. Yet, for him, it was necessary to impress his clients and strike a rapport with them. Even then why should I be surprised? I guess it goes back to my conditioning where we naturally assume ideas and create stereotype. As much as I like to assume that I stay away from stereotyping anyone or anything, the subconscious preconditioned mind intervenes and baffles me. This takes me back to a good post by Arushi.

May be the next time, I should not get surprised and just take it as normal. Will I succeed? If I don't, it may find its place in the bog. If I will, then it may not because then I would have matured enough to pass it off as something normal.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thoughts and More Thoughts

These things have been going on my mind for the past few days.

1. The fact that you are not working changes a lot of things. Not for you, but for the others around you.  I am constantly under the scanner for not working. Just because I do not go everyday and does not mean that I am idling away at home. Even if I am, what is wrong in it? I do work from home, but that does not matter I guess.

2. Aisles of fairness creams in the supermarket show that Indian obsession with fair skin has not reduced a bit. It is time that people understand that fair skin does not mean that one is 'beautiful'. Equating fair skin with success is even more ridiculous.

3. Shopping is amazing - Not shopping is sometimes wonderful too. I was a total sucker for retail therapy at one time. Feel depressed - Go and shop! With packing and unpacking, I realized that I have way to many clothes and shoes than I ever would need. It is a strange thrill to walk around shops and look around

4. Cooking for oneself is not a crime. I learnt to look at my food objectively and enjoy what I have cooked. There was a time when I would lose my appetite after cooking.

5. Some people never change, they remain as irritating as ever. Like this school mate of mine, whom I hardly ever spoke to in school except a hi or bye and who has the courage to ask my why I do not have children. Two easy steps to deal with such people - Right click and block on chat.

6. In continuation with point 5, some people actually never change and continue to be as adorable as ever. Like my school friend and college friend N whom I meet just once in two years, but her warmth, love and affection continues to be the same.

7. Daal tastes better with a dash of lemon juice. Seriously.

8. Being a quintessential mallu, I can enjoy the food more when I eat with my hand. Yes, the spoon and fork don't give that amazing feeling to me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The New Year!

I know it is pretty late and its 13 days already into 2011. In my defense, I was not in town and was not in a general mood to blog. 2010 was amazing to me and 2011, you better be nice to me.

Trip to Singapore, Promotion at work, Work trip to the US, the first major relocation for us, paking and unpaking, an amazing road trip, resigning from my job, saying some very hard good byes, promises to keep in touch, realizing how fake some people can get, watching a very dear friend tie the knot, making my opinion heard and understood, experiments with cooking, serial watching, fights and make-ups, becoming more of a dreamer, loosing all the self-confidence and struggle in regaining it back, end of the year family reunion, making blogger friends, strengthened some friendships and moved away from some, attempts to convert superficial relationships to meaningful ones! One action packed year. Well, now I understand when they say about counting your blessings.

S has been good too this year. He got his dream job, something which he wanted to do for ages. I hope he remains happy there and enjoys work as much as he wants to. He enjoyed the Singapore trip, considering the fact that he is not a keen traveler and he did the trip only for me.

Plans for 2011 - nothing big. Try to remain happy and positive, try not to take too much stress over money, may be think about a baby, learn some decent cooking, blog more and read more.

Until Later folks.